Believe Early Education shares tips for helping your child start and settle in to care.

At Believe Early Education Logan Reserve we recognise that starting anything new can be daunting, not just for children but for families too. Our team at Believe are here to support you and your child through this process. The weeks leading up to your child starting childcare can be hard, but there are some things you can do to get them ready for this exciting chapter.

Communicate With Your Child

Talk to your child about starting care and how much fun they will have meeting new friends and playing with new things. Let them know what will happen at care and that you will always come back and collect them. Talk to your child about the educators who will care for them and have discussions that instil confidence and calm in your child about being at childcare.

Communicate With Educators

Talk to educators to identify ways they can help your child settle in. This may include particular interests, or bringing along family photos or special items that may help to settle children down if they become upset. If you’d like you can call the centre to find out about your child’s day and let educators know what you want to be kept updated about. Educators will also share any exciting or routine information with you upon collection.

Establish Relationships

Build a good relationship with your child’s educators and engage in conversations with them – this will help them understand your expectations and get to know your child. It also shows your child that their educators are someone that they can trust.

Smoothly Transition Into Care

Ease your child in with quick visits and shorter days, before slowly adding extra days or hours. It’s encouraged to come and visit prior to your official start date so that both you and your child can feel comfortable with the childcare environment, the education team, and the childcare’s routines. At Believe Early Education we will help you plan a visit schedule that best suits you and your child.

It’s Normal to be Upset

It is natural for children to feel a range of emotions, just like we do as adults. This often includes some separation anxiety at certain times. We understand that emotions are natural and should be acknowledged, not dismissed.

At Believe Early Education we aim to understand why children are expressing these emotions and show compassion when supporting children. Expressing emotions and experiencing that everything is ok afterwards are keys to building resilience which is essential as they grow older. When children are upset when you go to leave, don’t sneak off or dismiss their emotions. Instead let them know that you understand how they are feeling, that you know they are safe and that you will be back. Educators will support you in this important transition with your child.

If you’d like your child to become a little big believer, take the first step today!