Introducing Our Hush Little Baby Program - Every Friday!

We’re excited to announce a new program at our centre every Friday – Hush Little Baby Music Program. And guess what? There’s no extra cost to families! The program is included in our curriculum and offered to all children who attend on a Friday. 

Hush Little Baby’s specialist early childhood music classes give children opportunities to explore musical concepts of pitch, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and beat, as well as developing in-tune singing, through our fun, play-based program. Our classes also help children to grow and develop their:

  • language and vocabulary
  • social and emotional wellbeing
  • physical development
  • fine and gross motor skill development
  • bravery and confidence
  • understanding of maths concepts
  • cognition

In Hush Little Baby music classes, children sing, dance and play with a broad variety of resources, including puppets, felt board stories, bubbles and an extensive range of percussion instruments. Music is performed live and without backing tracks with a focus on nurturing children’s lifelong love of music.

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If you’d like your child to become a little big believer, take the first step today!