Learning Through Play: Art and Craft 

Toddler playing with paint - Believe Early Education - Logan QLD

Learning Through Play: Art and Craft Arts and crafts encourage children to express their feelings and individuality. Arts and crafts refine motor skills such as writing, drawing, cutting, and pasting. Children’s agency and creativity are encouraged as they use their imagination to guide and create without having a predetermined product. Learning & Development Benefits Arts […]

Learning Through Play: Home Corner and Dramatic Play

Two boys in kitchen play - Believe Early Education - Logan QLD

Learning Through Play: Home Corner and Dramatic Play Home corner environments encourage children to explore and recreate real life scenarios and situations in a play context. Children draw on their own experiences to create their play, socialise with their friends, communicate their ideas and express their emotions. Children often substitute play objects for real life […]

Introducing Hush Little Baby

Hush Little Baby Music Program - Believe Early Education - Logan Reserve QLD

Introducing Our Hush Little Baby Program – Every Friday! We’re excited to announce a new program at our centre every Friday – Hush Little Baby Music Program. And guess what? There’s no extra cost to families! The program is included in our curriculum and offered to all children who attend on a Friday.  Hush Little […]

Our Little Big Believers

Smiling child - Believe Early Education - Childcare Logan Reserve

Believe Early Education explains our play-based learning approach towards our little big believers. All learning is play and all play is learning. Our educators at Believe Early Education support and extend each child’s learning through our involvement in their play. By engaging in shared thinking and conversations we are supporting children’s development and expanding their […]